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Purchasing new turf can be both a big and costly decision, but once it has been laid and a few weeks have passed they’ll be impressed by the flourish of green within your garden. You will want to keep this high standard for the following months to come, to do this there are some tips we can give you to keep the new turf keep the new lawn healthy and maintain it in the following months.

Water Well and Frequently

This may seem simple advice but the number of people that fail to use a significant amount of water on newly laid turf is astonishing. Once the turf has been placed you need to water very well, the first time is so important. The grass and underneath ground needs to absorb, and watering thoroughly will soak throughout the ground so the soil below is drenched.

The turf will be also be required to have a consistent amount of water through the first phases of it being laid, ideally, you will be watering it daily for the first two weeks. However, this is very dependent on the season to decide to lay, throughout summer you may be watering it daily for the first month. Although through autumn, it may not be necessary to do it daily.

It should be moist for the first month so regularly check if it’s moist on the underneath.

Give it time

Until the roots have rooted walking on the grass should be restrained from doing, you will be able to know when this has happened when you are unable to lift up a corner of the turf easily.


Give it a few weeks also until you mow the new turf and when doing so make sure that the mower is on one of the highest cutting grades possible, this will ensure the grass isn’t cut too short giving it the best chance to grow in the future.


To maintain your lawn to the best quality fertilising will enable your lawn to keep healthy throughout the year. You can purchase fertilising spreaders that do the job for you, and using them in spring and autumn is the optimal time.


These are just some of the maintenance and care techniques you can provide your lawn, however, if you are in the position of still needing to purchase the turf or soil then you can call us and we can provide specific tips depending on the type. Our numbers are 01773760294 or 07583502427, alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.

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