Turf Laying in Nottingham and Mansfield

Landscaping projects that require fresh turf for the grassy spaces need professional turf laying. Turf is the simplest way to create a new lawn and provides your open space with an instant, usable area with no weeds to mar its greenery. Spring or autumn are the ideal times of year for turf laying, because plenty of rain fall ensures the turf truly takes root.


How We Lay Turf

There is a conscious method behind how our professional Nottingham turf and lawn specialists lay turf. We first prepare the area by levelling it and removing stones and obstructions before we lay fertiliser and soil. We are then ready to lay turf and create a beautiful lawn for you. There is a fine art to getting this process right, as anything shy of this or not done with precision will put whole sections of your new lawn at risk. This is why you need to enlist professionals for turf laying in Mansfield, because we will make sure we do everything in our power to give your new lawn a healthy foundation.

It will take a few weeks for your lawn to fully integrate with the top soil, so we always advise you continue to water it regularly. We will of course impart all of our professional advice for you to make the most out of your freshly laid turf.



Trust the professionals at Greendale Turf Laying in Nottingham and Mansfield to supply and create your beautiful new lawn turf.


Our High-Quality Turf

We offer two different types of lawn turf that are suited to different budgets. Both are fit for purpose, though they are suited to different uses. The former, for example, is ideal for landscaping and almost ornamental turf laying, and the latter is better suited to daily usage and wear and tear.


Our greenscape turf is best suited to general lawn use, landscaping and budget-friendly projects. It is hard-wearing and keeps its colour and lustre all year round.

Our top quality arena turf, however, is suitable for family-use, children, and pets because it is a hardy blend of 5 different seeds. It is much sturdier and better suited to the rigours of everyday use.

Take a look at our Turf and our prices per square metre and Contact Us today to find out more about our lawn turf laying services in Nottingham and Mansfield!