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At Greendale Turf Supplies Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering premium planting soil and expert advice to provide a healthy root system and develop ample greenery to create an attractive and productive garden. Our high-quality planting soils support plants to nurture and flourish, which is widely used in gardens and landscapes across Nottingham and Mansfield. Greendale Turf Supplies’ planting soil is highly effective at rejuvenating soil quality on any given patch.

Planting Soil Benefits

Good planting soil provides moist ground with sufficient nutrient levels that include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other little nutrients for plants to thrive and flourish: reducing the need for fertilisers and pesticides. Organic material is evenly moist where garden plants grow best, and it’s suitable for draining excess water without dying out fast and provides drainage and moisture.

Why Greedale Tuf Supplies?

Greendale Turf Suppliers are professionals in supplying and laying planting soil in domestic and commercial properties across Nottingham and Mansfield. We offer competitive prices and FREE delivery service for orders within a 15-mile radius seven days a week. Our dedicated support team work effectively with clients to identify the type of soil that they have so that we can match it like for like. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality planting soil combined with extensive experience and superb customer service, making us the number one choice for customers’ planting needs. We offer premium supplies and expert advice on how to preserve healthy lawns and restorations. We can assist you on any project, no matter how small or intricate, to help you achieve a spectacular healthy lawn. 

Get In Touch

Contact our dedicated support team today if you require further information and assistance in identifying the right soil type for you or maintenance advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, as we would be delighted to help. We offer competitive prices and FREE delivery service within a 15-mile radius of our site in Kimberley.

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