Preparation and Turf Laying Guide

Greendale Turf Supplies has been established for over 25 years and with our professional and expert preparation skills and Turf Laying service we can ensure you to enjoy a fine, beautiful lawn instantly! We have put together a step by step guide of exactly what the preparation and laying service entails to guarantee you a perfect top quality lawn…

Ground Preparation and levelling

Proper ground preparation is essential for the best results and future well being of your new lawn. Without proper preparation of the ground your new lawn will not be able to produce the best results and reach its true potential.

  1. Firstly, we will turn over your garden with our cultivating machine digging deep to find and clear any stones, weeds and old turf debris to create a good ground that can be worked on.
  2. We will then vibrate and roll the ground to decide if any additional top soil is required to bring the ground to your preferred level. Once the top soil has been added (if required) the ground will then be rolled again to make a firm base and perfect level so that your lawn will not sink and stays the level that it is for years to come, making an easy job for your mower on a level ground.

Laying the turf

Now that the ground has been prepared and levelled your new lawn is ready to be laid. Levelled ground and newly laid turf should never be directly walked on. We use boards or planks to work from to ensure no damage is done to your new lawn.

  1. We start by unrolling one strip of turf around the perimeter of the lawn
  2. We then lay the next strip across the longest straight run and continue across the lawn strip by strip producing a pattern similar to brickwork.
  3. We ensure that each individual strip of turf will be laid perfectly in place ensuring full contact with the soil below to guarantee the best future result.
  4. All edges and overlapping will be neatly cut for the perfect finish of your new lawn

Watering your new lawn.

Now that your new lawn has been professionally laid it will require a good soaking within half an hour of installation, this is essential to help the root system become established. We recommend using a sprinkler system connected to your hosepipe to ensure the water soaks through evenly over your new lawned area. This should be repeated at least once a day until the roots are established which can take from 5 to 15 days. The hotter and drier the weather, the more water needed. Pay special attention to edges and joints to avoid gaps, lifting and curling.


To ensure your new lawn reaches its full potential we recommend you follow the below aftercare guide for a long lasting beautiful lawn.

  1. Once the roots have established it is important that the grass does not grow too long before the initial first mowing. We recommend that you set your mower to a higher setting than normal for the first couple of mows until the roots are fully established. – If the grass is allowed to grow too long then the sunlight will not shine through to the ground and this could potentially affect the performance of your new lawn.
  2. We recommend that you use a balanced fertiliser every six to eight weeks during the growing season but not before the first 12 weeks of the installation. This will ensure that your lawn is kept in peak condition.