Here at Greendale, we are very passionate about our turf.  We have been able to supply good quality lawn supplies to our customers in the Eastwood area for many years.  Over this time we’ve built a strong reputation of being able to supply our customers both domestic and commercial by providing them with lawn turf and topsoil suppliers in Eastwood that they can trust.

Why Choose Us?  
  • Over 25 years experience in providing a high-quality turf laying service
  • Provide a free delivery service within a 15-mile radius of our Head Office
  • Offer 3 different types of lawn turf
  • All turf used is grown in Lincolnshire
  • Provide an expert lawn turf laying service
  • Provide no obligation quotations
  • Can supply both lawn turf and topsoil suppliers in Eastwood to commercial and private customers

Choosing the right lawn turf supplies is very important for any landscaping project, as it will make a big difference to the final results achieved.   This is why we here at Greendale Turf Supplies, we are considered to be among the best lawn turf suppliers in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.
We are able to offer our customers the very best high-quality turfs that also come in a wide array of different shades and textures.  So finding the right lawn turf to meet your requirements and your budget shouldn’t prove difficult.

What Forms Of Lawn Turf Do We Offer?
At Greendale Turf Supplies we can provide you with three different kinds of lawn turf, which one you choose, of course, depends on your particular needs and how much you can afford to spend.   The four types of turf that we offer are as follows:

Budget Turf
  • Is made up of a blend of hardwearing grasses
  • Is strong and durable
  • Is good quality seeded turf
  • Is very low priced

Economy Turf
  • Is from the same field from which our stadium turf comes, but is cut from the edge
  • Only a few weeks of watering and sunshine will have these lawn turf supplies looking as good as stadium turf
  • Is cheaper to buy than stadium turf

Stadium Turf
  • Multi-purpose but has a great visual appearance
  • Is a combination of hardwearing and finer grasses
  • Low maintenance and is highly adaptable
  • Great for use in family gardens and if you have pets

Green Velvet Turf
  • This is made up of a very fine mix of needle-like grasses
  • Perfect for use as an ornamental lawn
  • Requires a little more care and maintenance
  • Provide you with the ultimate manicured look and finish to your lawn

Whether you are intending to resurface your garden or a sports field we can help.  If you would like to find out more about high-quality lawn turf and topsoil supplies then please get in touch.  You can call us on 07791 525480 or 01773 760294.  Alternatively, you can get an instant quote by simply filling out the form here.  What is more – we will beat any genuine quote!  Simply bring in a written confirmation of a better price and we will sort that out for you.