Greendale Turf Supplies Limited is one of the leading topsoil suppliers in Arnold. We are proud and passionate to offer our customers quality lawn turf to enhance both the beauty and greenery of your home’s garden. And, with our strong reputation, we are proud to have been supporting the community of Arnold for over 25 years.


One of the essential things that you need to create a beautiful garden is topsoil. We are the leading topsoil suppliers in Arnold, offering an outstanding turf laying service from our friendly and professional team at a reasonable price.


Our Services

  • High-Quality Soil for all requirements
  • A Range of High-Quality Turfs
  • Deals and Discounts
  • Ground Preparation


Greendale Turf Supplies Ltd offers fantastic lawn turf supplies to satisfy both our domestic and commercial customers in Arnold. Our customers are offered three distinct grades of lawn turf; Budget turf, Stadium Turf and Green Velvet Turf all of which are perfect for a range of requirements for your garden.



Why Choose Us?

  • Over 25 years of experience in offering topsoil supplies and lawn turf supplies
  • Excellent quality
  • A range to suit all budgets
  • Offering instant quotation to customers
  • Free delivery if within 15 miles of our head office
  • Turf base grown in Lincolnshire
  • A friendly and professional turf laying service


Our team of turf layers are well-trained and will place the slabs of turf in a systematic order to avoid issues in your garden in Arnold. In addition, they will fully clean the garden’s surface before laying the turf. Regardless of the size of your garden Greendale Supplies can help improve and create an aesthetically pleasing lawn.

For more information about quality lawn turf, call us today on 07583 502427, alternatively, use our handy online instant quotation.