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Laying turf in the winter months can be an easier process with better results… and here’s why!

You would normally need to water your newly laid lawn during the dryer summer season but laying in the winter will save you time and money as watering will not be required.



When laying a lawn during the winter month the turf has chance to settle, establish and root ready for the summer months. If the turf is frozen then wait for it to thaw out before laying (frost does not have any long term adverse side effects on winter laid turf). Turf will last longer after being cut, if frozen it can last for days or even weeks (if completely frozen) before it needs to be laid, nature allows turf to be unaffected by frozen weather conditions.

If the ground you wish to lay the lawn on becomes frozen after you have ordered your turf, you can either, go ahead with your order and wait for both the turf and ground to defrost before laying or alternatively, you can contact us and we will be happy to postpone your order providing the turf has not already been harvested and prepared for delivery.



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