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Well 2015 is finally here and we are ready and rearing to go here at Greendale Turf!

We hope 2015 can bring lots of new challenges and opportunities for us all.

We will be posting lot’s of offers and promotions throughout the year so please keep checking our site for news, sales and updates.

In the meantime, here’s a few tips to help put some green into your January lawn:

1) Mowing – We see little growth in the winter months put during warm spells it is likely that your lawn will have a growth spurt and need a little trim. If this is the case then keep this trim to the bear minimum and remove only the top third of the growth using a quality rotary mower.

2) Feeding – Do not feed your lawn during the winter months as this can cause premature growth and the chances are that the lawn will not be able to survive in the weather conditions. We recommend that you wait until spring to feed your lawn as this will give it he best possible chance for the season ahead.

3) After heavy rain check your lawn to see if there are puddling areas. If this is the case then the chances are the soil is too compact and would be beneficial to aerate the area.

4) Sweep up any fallen leaves and keep your lawn free from debris

5) Remove any garden weeds and keep them under control. This will prevent the seeds from spreading into the lawn.

Newly Laid Lawns:

If you have recently had a new lawn laid then we recommend that you do not walk over the newly turfed area. If a heavy frost lifts the turf then use a heavy roller on a dry day to level them out again.

If you are planning to sow a new lawn dig over the area during the winter and leave the soil in clumps on the surface for the frost to break it up. Use the winter months as a time to plan and prepare for the season ahead. If your garden needs a new lawn then plan it out over the winter so that you are ready for action when the warmer spring weather arrives.

Don’t forget that turf can be laid all year round and we are open daily. If you have any questions regarding your lawn and wish for a no obligation quote for your new lawn then do not hesitate to contact us:

07791525480 / 07583502427


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