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Your lawn requires different types of treatment over the course of a year to keep it looking healthy and happy. Lawn aeration is one of these treatments, and it has a number of benefits. This process is usually completed towards the later stages of the year when the growing season is finished, and you have time on your hands. Ideally, this procedure needs to be completed at least once a year if you wish to maintain a healthy lawn.

What exactly is lawn aeration?

Aerating a lawn involves the use of a garden fork or a specialist machine known as an aerator to spike holes into the turf to allow air to reach the soil. This relieves the effects of compaction within the soil and makes it less dense, helping it to breathe. It also allows rain and nutrients to penetrate into the soil whilst improving drainage on the surface area. On light clay soils and sandy soils, solid spiked aerators are commonly used to aerate the lawn, whereas heavier clay soils require the use of a hollow-tine aerator, which removes ‘cores’ of earth from the lawn and deposits them back onto the lawn.

How does it benefit the lawn?

There are many advantages to spiking a lawn and it will certainly benefit your lawn if it suffers from bad drainage, premature drying or is frequently covered in moss. A few of the many benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Improves drainage
  • Reduces compaction of the earth
  • Breaks down thatch
  • Encourages healthy root growth and increases root depth
  • Lets air, water and other nutrients reach the root system
  • Helps to prevent water-logging and flooding
  • Makes it easier for you to over-seed

This is just a small selection of the advantages of lawn aeration. If you want to keep your turf in perfect condition, consider doing this along with other types of lawn treatments such as scarifying or over-seeding.

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