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Seasonal care advice for turf

As we tentatively step into the spring our attention naturally turns to turf care as we begin to look at our lawn properly for the first time in months.  Have new turf laid and you’ll want to ensure it’s full of life and vigour, here’s what we suggest at Greendale to keep your lawn lush this year.


One of the best things you can do for your turf is to mow it regularly throughout the spring and summer. This will keep your grass in good health, it’ll certainly look neater, and if you keep on top of the mowing it’ll be less of a chore whenever you head out into the garden for future cuts.

  • Mow regularly from March through to end of September
  • Once a week is fine during spring, twice a week might be necessary during summer
  • Avoid mowing wet grass
  • On the first mow in spring, set the cutting height on the mower to its highest position
  • Never cut the turf too short


Moss is a major problem for lawns, often this is caused where turf is poorly drained. Once spring arrives this is the best time to deal with moss, take the following action plan to tackle the culprit head on.

  • At the end of March apply fertiliser and moss killer to your lawn when the weather in dry
  • In April lightly rake over the moss and remove it carefully
  • If you have any sparse areas, over-seed them sparingly and gently rake the treated area
  • Prevent moss from making a comeback with regular feeding and lawn maintenance


Adding nutrients to your turf will encourage it to grow, enhance its life and vitality, and it should prevent moss or weeds from appearing too. The best time to apply fertiliser is when the soil is wet, if you’re canny, you can apply it just before the heavens open

  • Feed mid-spring in late March or throughout April
  • Add to wet soil
  • Repeat the application if your turf loses its heartiness during late spring or throughout the summer
  • Try chicken manure pallets as an organic alternative
  • Never feed the lawn after August


Contrary to popular belief you do not have to water your lawn every single day over the summer to help it grow strong and healthy.  Over-watering can be just as damaging as not giving your turf any water at all, so look and listen to what your lawn is telling you.

  • Water lawns sensibly taking into consideration the soil type, grass type and exposure to the sun
  • A once a week water is usually enough, some lawns only require watering once a month
  • Look for changes in grass colour which signify low moisture levels
  • When you water the lawn make sure you do this deep enough for the soil type
  • Water early morning and give grass time to dry, wet turf attracts diseases at night

If you’re as passionate about turf as we are here at Greendale you’ll want to keep it looking great at all times of the year, so follow this guide and your turf will look terrific!

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