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It’s plainly obvious we rate turf really highly here at Greendale Turf Supplies and know that a healthy lawn makes your garden look gorgeous. Did you know you can totally ruin the look of turf though, by breaking a few guidelines? Here we explain the very worst things you can do to your turf.

Not mowing enough

Fail to mow your lawn regularly and you allow the grass to grow too long which blocks the sun and prevents shorter grass from growing underneath. Tall grass is hard to mow, you will try to cut it as short as possible and this could result in the lawn looking scalped, creating bald patches here and there. Keep everything tidy by mowing the lawn once a week at least during the summer to maintain a healthy lawn.

Failing to learn a little about grass types

Understanding the type of turf you have will help if you need to order grass seeds in the future. Depending on where you live, you might have a specific type of grass, so it’s worthwhile establishing the type of lawn grass you have so you can maintain it correctly in the future.

Buying budget brand grass seed

When you are buying grass seed for your lawn don’t be tempted into buying budget brands with a view to saving money. Cheaper types of grass seed are cheap for a reason, always invest in good quality seeds and this way, you give your lawn the greatest chance of success.

Getting rid of clippings straight away

After you have mowed the lawn don’t think you have to remove all of the unwanted grass clippings straight away. Clippings start to decompose and as they do this they can provide the turf with natural nutrients. This is why a number of professional gardeners use a mulching mower when they cut the lawn which chops grass finely as it mows and distributes the waste evenly across the lawn.

Wasteful watering

Although you might think it’s a great idea to water your lawn at every given opportunity this could cause serious damage to your turf.  Too much water can leave the turf soggy and make it vulnerable to fungus and other types of disease.

Here at Greendale Turf Supplies, we want you to have a perfect lawn and can help you to achieve this. We have turf to suit all requirements, simply contact us through our online form or call us today on 07791 525480.

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